Welcome to Hellenback

Yes! Now you, too, can honestly say...

I've been to Hellenback!

Whether or not this will impress your friends and amuse your family rather depends on the pride and volume with which you make this announcement. Personally I recommend a wide, solid stance, with hands on hips and a loud, booming voice, but then, I may be biased.

What's new?

(Summer 2001) Mostly I've just been keeping the links up to date. I've made a few tweaks to the convention characters (mostly fixing typos). Currently I'm working on getting more Hero Creator versions of characters available and actually typing up The Roomie From Outer Space and The Custody Battle From Hellenback. Lower priority is getting the campus map spiffed up and the Hellenback bus system blocked in. I've also done a little cosmetic rearranging.

What's with the little red dots?dot

I've pulled out a few notes and digressions from the main pages and separated them out for readability reasons. Think of them as endnotes. Clicking on the dot in the text will take you to the appropriate digression and clicking on the dot next to the digression will take you back to your point of departure.

Whattheheck exactly is Hellenback, anyway?

Hellenback is a fictional city I created to use as a campaign setting for role-playing games -- mostly Champions™, which is a superheroic game. With a few cosmetic changes, I think it should actually work just fine for any modern day campaign, though. Most of the write-ups are rather tongue-in-cheek. This has more to do with my personal style than the actual content.

What will I find at this site?

Pretty much all of the supplementary materials I've generated over the years, as I have the time and energy to put them up. That includes locations descriptions, PCs both from my weekly game (on hiatus) and from the convention games I've run, plot synopses, handouts, maps, and just general information. Right now, the Characters section is pretty much complete, the Links section is pretty much complete, and I'm making headway in the Episodes (modules) section. The Places section needs work, but as soon as I have time to do some touch-ups, I do have some maps to put up. The content is text heavy and graphics lightdot, largely due to technological limitations, but also because I'm a minimalist at heart.

Is there more?

Well, if you'd like to visit my personal page, you'll discover that I actually have two careers running and neither one of them involves either gaming or web development. And I do try to have a social life.

Of course, some people might consider having a personal page like this to be social (geeky, but social), so if there's anything I have place marked that you'd like to see soonest, go right on ahead and let me know about it. And keep checking back here, as you can see from the What's new? entry, I'm adding more stuff all the time!

Who wrote this?

My name is S A Rudy, and I've been a gamer since my freshman year in college and a writer since forever. I've run Hellenback games both as a regular campaign and at several gaming conventions. Mostly I stay local to NJ, but I do usually make the annual pilgrimage to Milwaukee for GenCon. (see the conventions section of the Links page or S A Rudy's Simple Yet Functional Homepage for a more complete list.)

Who do I contact if I think this stuff is the coolest thing since sliced bread (or if there's a broken link or something)?

You can send me email at sarudy@hotmail.comdot. Like anybody else foolhardy enough to post their email address, I get a lot of spam, so I'd recommend putting "Hellenback" somewhere in the subject so I don't miss it.