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I've been to Hellenback

I have a subsite for Hellenback, a campaign background for a Champions™ (HERO) game I run sporadically. It's also my campaign setting of choice for my modern or superheroic convention games.

The characters section there also has a handful of characters from tabletops I play in.

Famous Last Words

For a little gaming humor, go to the Canonical List of Famous Last Words. I converted this list to HTML/CSS years ago. It's up to 1707 entries, now, and has been translated into French and Hungarian (which hasn't been posted to the site yet).


Try the nifty_calendar Yahoo Group calendar for event stuff. I've been trying to keep stuff there pretty up to date and it has cons I know about but have no intention of attending (unlike here, where there has to be at least a snowball's chance). Plus, if you want me to know your birthday, that's a good place for it.

This fall, There's Ubercon (Secaucus, NJ) (Oct 17-19 03), Lollagazebo (Piscataway, NJ) (Nov 7-9 03) (gaming).

Next Winter, there's Dreamation (East Brunswick, NJ) (22-25 Jan 04) (gaming), There's also Farpoint (Baltimore, MD) (13-15 Feb 04) (sf/star trek) which I am likely to skip in favor of Katsucon (Baltimore, MD) (13-15 Feb 04) (anime).

In the Spring, there might be a MonCon (Tinton Falls, NJ) (Spring 04) (gaming) again, but who can tell? Wild Gazebo Games will be running their Gazebo of Games (Piscataway, NJ) (30 Apr - 2 May 04) (gaming). I'm likely to be at I-CON (Stony Brook, NY) (26-28 Mar 04) and might try JerseyDevilCon (Edison, NJ) (16-18 Apr 04) (sf).

Later on, there's Shore Leave (Baltimore, MD) (9-11 Jul 04) (sf/star trek), Gen Con (Indianapolis, IA) (5-8 Aug 04) (gaming), Otakon (Baltimore, MD) (Aug 8-10 03) (anime), ShoujoCon (Rye Brook, NY) (Summer 03) (anime), and ShoreCon (Cherry Hill, NJ) (Fall 03) (gaming). Of these, I'm only sure to be going to GenCon.


I've been working for Randstad lately (formerly Accustaff, formerly Dial-A-Temp - they're nice people).

I've HTMLized (how is that pronounced?) my resume. Any takers?

I'm also a massage therapist. I graduated with the October 97 class from the Somerset School of Massage Therapy and have joined the American Massage Therapists Association.

Web Comics

Angel Moxie: A little magical girl story.

Clan of the Cats: This one is more plot driven than most, about a were-jaguar witch and her adventures.

General Protection Fault: Also heavy on the tech humor, with some soap opera thrown in.

Sinfest: A cute little thing.

Sluggy Freelance: Kind of surrealistic, with a continuing storyline.

Something Positive: Very sarcastic, very funny.

User Friendly: Set at an ISP, very silly, heavy on the tech humor.

Newspaper Comics Online



For Better Or For Worse

9 Chickweed Lane -> (Hallmarks of Felinity)



The Hypertextual Book of Ataniel back up and running (sword & sorcery).

Enigma III(superheroic) is still on hiatus due to too many commitments for the team of core authors. The archives still make a fun read, though. I have character bios and background here. It includes an easy-to-print Word97 version of the board to date.


Why Books Are Better Than Drugs is just a little humor thing. Additions are welcome.

I write a little and some day may actually get up the nerve to try to get published. You can visit my notebook to see what efforts I'm not too embarrassed of.

New York City, USA: This is the entry to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy that I helped write (I did the segment on the subway system).


I have a livejournal, because everyone is now required to have a weblog. I think it's a law.

I keep a gaming log there, too, for synopses of the games I'm in.

I have a K5 diary, too, if anyone cares.

Myths in Fiction

The vampire myths page remains the most popular of them (not to mention the most thoroughly researched) and has become so big I had to split it into smaller sections. It has frames, sorry.

The shapeshifter myths is good, but maybe I should start watching Wolf Lake for another entry.

The Witches myths needs work, as I have gotten very behind on my Charmed lore.


I've started up a new LARP with some friends -- Renaissance Games. We've made it to four games now, and so far so good.
Game Four is scheduled for 10 January 2004.

I am Maggie Davies at Atlantic City by Night (27 Sep 03).

I'm Jenny (Clan Lightfoot) at Nexus events run by Double Exposure. Coming next (not including regular conventions): It's a Dead Man's Party (26-28 Sept 03); LugosiCon 2003 (31 Oct - 2 Nov 03)

The Star Trek Paintball LARP will be on 4 October 2003 sponsored by the Tempest.

The same general crew of folks are also bringing us Distant Mirror (28 Nov 2003). I'm Guenevere, the Tremere elder, there.

LARP Graveyard

I played Emily and then Marie in Nightmare Productions (and desgined their web site).

I played the Count, and then Miss Blackwell at Capital Chronicles Nights.

I was Sophie Glass at Gehenna Productions

I played Bethany Ellington at The Dougboys.

I didn't play regularly in Durham Nights, New Brunswick By Night (Lyonesse Productions) or the Orion Games Sabbat Larp, but they are all deceased now anyway.

My picture

If you're really curious what I look like, you can check out my high school photo.

I won't say exactly how outdated it is, but, yeah, that hairstyle andthose glasses were fashionable at the time. However, the day I had access to a scanner, it was that or my driver's license photo, and I'd hate for some small child to stumble across this link and become scarred for life.

On the other hand, if you really want to be scarred for life, you can take a glance at the Stalker Page.

Scary, isn't it?

Friends and linkbacks

Starfleet Ladies Auxiliary and Embroidery/Baking Society (SFLaE/BS): Of which I happen to be a proud associate member.

My Dog Murphy's T-shirts: My brother, bless his heart, is one of those folks who signs his christmas cards from his dog. So, when he sets up a nostalgia store, he blames his dog. We don't ask.

Amazing Mugs: My brother also has a custom mug printing site. You can pick from art provided or submit your own.

Nathan Rudy for Somerset County Freeholder: As long as I'm plugging my brother's projects, I might as well include his campaign for Freeholder in Somerset County. If you live there - vote for him!!!

P. N. Elrod: vampire writer! This is an author of vampire novels who was actually nice enough to correspond with me.

Blow Up Radio: Where New Jersey Rock Lives!

The Dociverse: Web page for Robert "Doc" Cross, author and RPG guru.

Shawn's Li'l corner of Cyberspace: Just this guy, you know.

Randomly Interesting Places

TWOP: Television Without Pity. This has become one of my very favorite places. Lots of fun.

Kuro5hin: Technology and Culture weblog. aka K5. Has some very interesting discussions.

The Onion: A satiral paper based out of Milwaukee. Be warned, it can be quite offensive.

Memepool: For those of my friends who wonder where I get my strange and unusual links - they come from here and from the Mindless Link Propogation section of K5.

Metafilter: Another good randomness source, with discussions.

The Warehouse 23 Basement: An interesting browse through the things suppressed by our secret masters.

The Malkavian Homepage: Mostly for vampire gamers. I provided The Vampire's Picnic

Cagle's Best of the Day: Editorial Cartoons. More than you can shake a stick at.