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August 30, 1999


(ARC-GmbH American Restaurant Concept) and Kullman Industries Inc. announce the launch of the American Diner Concept in Germany and Europe under the tradename of Miss Masy's Diner.

Masy's Diner
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ARC-GmbH is a partnership of restaurant pioneers Thomas Feucht and Karin Schmidt which started in 1996 with the idea for an original American diner concept in Europe. In 1998, Matthias Bartholmé and Dieter Wagner joined the team and helped finalize the concept. The team was complete in 1999 with the addition of Konrad Steinmann. Schmidt, Feucht, and Steinmann have collectively over twelve years of American style dining experience in Europe.

Kullman Industries Inc., since its establishment in 1927 has adhered to the recognition of excellence both in its product and service. Founded on the dream of Samuel Kullman, the company originally endeavored to gain prominence as the largest manufacturer of diners. The diners changed from single module steel structures into the multi-module steel, concrete and brick restaurants more well known today. Today Kullman Industries is proud of its status as an industry leader; a position gained by being the first to enter industries on a national and international basis.

Zublin Systembau is one of Europe's largest construction management and design firms and have been in business for over 100 years. Zublin will develop the sites, as well as represent ARC-GmbH's interest in the diner construction.

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The first Miss Masy's diners will break ground this Fall in Linthe, Germany located near Berlin off the Autobahn. ARC-GmbH has secured 30 locations for the launch of this concept. After building in Germany, ARC-GmbH's executive Thomas Feucht states that other European locations will be developed.

ARC-GmbH's effort with Kullman has developed the largest diner to date to be exported overseas.

ARC-GmbH's executive Karin Schmidt states "Europeans crave the American lifestyle and the diner provides a natural introduction of American culture which can be visited without a plane ticket! " Much effort was put into preserving the historic diner concept by contracting with Kullman Industries. Feucht states "By offering an authentic American diner, we avoid being labeled as an imitator or imposter, which has plagued some concepts." The true American diner will be complimented by a true American menu featuring a Blue Plate Special, hamburgers, french fries, steaks, salads, and a variety of beverages. The concept will include both company owned as well as licensed locations.

Principals can be reached at

ARC-GmbH American Restaurant Concept
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Contact: Karin Schmidt Thomas Feucht

Zublin Systembau Ed. Zublin AG,
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Stuttgart Postfach 80 11 46,
70511, Stuttgart, Germany
Tel: 49-711-7883817 Fax: 49-711-7883-605
Contact: Rolf Eisenhaber

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