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  he great American diner started out in 1872 as a simple horse-drawn lunch wagon pulled through the streets of Providence, Rhode Island. By the time company founder Sam Kullman built his first diner in 1927, they could already be found in every significant city and town across the Northeast.

In this highly competitive business, diner builders come and go, but the Kullman diner endures. Setting the standards in quality, style, and value, many classic Kullman diners are still in operation, still look great, and are still sought after by folks looking for a good hot meal at a great price.

In the 1950s, as the diner established itself as the preeminent food service facility for family-style restaurants, Kullman led the way with some of the largest, best designed and built diners available. Owners whose business had outgrown their original Kullman diner more often than not traded up for a newer, larger model, establishing a brand loyalty that continues today.

As the needs of diner owners changed, Kullman responded to the market, nimbly engineering diners to suit the changing tastes of the American public. Now, with those tastes coming full circle, no better company exists to offer such a rare combination of experience, ability, and sense of style than Kullman Industries.

So celebrate with us our 70th anniversary of quality modular construction, and become a part of the next 70 years.


The Story
Begins Here
Any doubts about our heritage are laid to rest in this photo. Watching the cake cutting with his proud employees, our founder Samuel Kullman celebrates the company's first anniversary with his employees.

The year, 1928, marked only the beginning of what would unfold as an illustrious 70 year history of innovation and customer satisfaction. In that year, Sam and his employees not only faced the challenges of their competition, their drive for quality helped to fuel the expansion of an entire market, broadening acceptance of diners as the ideal restaurant for the entire family. This tradition endured and prospered through two more generations of family ownership.

Today, Kullman remains a leader, not only in diner building, but in modular construction of many different types of buildings for a wide variety of clients.

Kullman history began here and now continues with you.


Accelerated Construction

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