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Introducing the Blue Comet Diner

For years, the only choice for anyone with the dream of owning his or her own real diner meant searching for and refurbishing an old worn-out unit. Or perhaps an architect with poorly researched notions of what a diner represented designed a cartoonish building prone to obsolescence. Either way, for the serious restaurateur who seeks authenticity, neither represents an acceptable choice.

Celebrating 70 years of building quality diners, Kullman Industries introduces the Blue Comet series: true, modular, affordable diners, constructed by the oldest and largest diner builder in the business.

Everything you love about diners -- the classic streamline style; the meticulous detailing; stainless steel and porcelain enamel -- it's all here, it's brand new, and it is absolutely authentic. The construction is heavy duty and built to withstand the assault of time. It's also up-to-code and ADA compliant.

Base configuration is 86 seats and optimized for efficiency. A brand-new Blue Comet puts you in the diner business fast. No retrofitting, no restoration. Kullman builds it, equips it, and installs it for you on your prepared site so that you're ready to roll in about 10 weeks. The only thing you need to work on is the menu.

E-mail Chris Carvell or call 1-888-GO-DINER for more information regarding our products and capabilities.

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  Blue Comet

* Concrete and steel non-combustionable construction -- ideal for fire code and insurance approvals.

* Kullman's unique continuously welded all-steel roof insures a lifetime of trouble-free protection -- field proven for over 50 years.

* Custom designed floor, ceiling and walls make your Blue Comet a signature Kullman product with a proud pedigree.

* Custom stainless steel handcrafted by artisans who developed their techniques in the 50s and still work at Kullman today!

* Porcelain enamel and glass block combine to create a rich authentic exterior.

* True factory-built modular diner offers relocatability and easy expansion.

* Material and workmanship backed by 70 years of quality customer service

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